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The company was incorporated  late 2006.  With our discovery that the "Continents" have always remained stationary. The laws of the "Universe" were violated at every turn to keep our World formation separate from the rest of the "Universe". This has brought us to this untimely  and embarrassing situation of not understanding our" World and "Global Warming".  We are at the cusp of pushing the envelope of knowledge and staying in front of the curve if we look at the big "Picture".   It's a situation that can be remedied by examining and studying the fact that our"Earth" is growing in a expanding "Universe".

 Our next great task is to help  work on sound public Education in the Scientific field.  With the our Discovery of the "True Formation Of Planet Earth" and "Stationary Continents" came the Discovery of the Single Fracture Line. The last of the Major Discovery was the incorporating the Tectonic Plates into this puzzle.
 We are part of a Data Information and Service Economy'  Dedicated to Education and a Green Enviroment.

  A Crusade and campaign to Debunk and Denounce the hypothetical Pangeia Theory and move into the 21st Century of Reality remains our utmost commitment.

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