We provide a new point of view explaining the creation of the oceans and the tremendous growth of our plant earth with the creation of the Tectonic Plates and how they were formed at the same time as Ocean Creation.

We are moving into a new millennium and further away from the ancient world of yesterday. With the advent of weather change coinciding with these events we must be able to learn to move into the "Modern World."

The discovery of the True Formation of Planet Earth will change the rules of how we survive this period. The information and reports we will give, throws a whole new light on what is really happening with melting ice and rising oceans. Now is the time to ask the hard questions of how much ice has melted and how much ocean rise have we had?

As we move into the Modern World we will be less conscious of the ancient past that has governed our life. We will be more responsive to the future and living for the future.

Terra Firma Earth is dedicated to providing our readers with information of the True Formation Of Planet Earth, where the Science Of God and the foot prints of History, written on the Ocean floor are revealed. As we move into the Twenty First Century we are at a point on a path that will guide us to the Future fulfillment of the destiny we were created to follow.




Our World 300 million years ago, before any Continental
separation and Ocean Tectonic Plate Creation.

The world after creation of the "Pacific Tectonic Plate.


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