This is the introduction of an occurrence  that proceeds Ocean creation 300 million years before the present.   Our developing Planet was struck by our moon that was then captured by gravity. The spin in the axis was the first extraordinary action caused by this impact. The crucial image and presentation of a single fault line that almost encircled the entire crust and sphere was the other key benefit that occurred where the crust was lowest and weakest. Throughout this period, a cooling crust covered this entire sphere that was waiting for the impending waters to flow from the margins of the seas to the soon to be created oceans.

Before"OceanTectonic Plates"


After"OceanTectonic Plates"
We will use a logical plan for the presentation of the true formation of our planet earth.  We will put into plain words how the period starting 300 million years ago set in motion ocean formation. First we will rewind back 300 million years before any Oceans were present on Planet Earth to a time when the waters of our world were mostly on the land margins and Seas.  No Ocean Tectonic Plates were present at this stage of development of earth. After the single fracture line appeared the dynamics of our world changed. We would be set on a coarse to a fully developed Blue Planet. From the conception of our World Physics was always present and the defining and ultimate factor waiting to flex and leverage its power. To be more specific the inception of our Oceans occurred at the Commencement of the separation of the outer layer caused by the upheaval from under the earths crust. The single fracture line would become the birthplace for most seismic and volcanic action in the future history of Ocean Creation. This event was instrumental why our imprecise world survived and turned in the direction of becoming our Blue Planet. For the present we will concentrate on the Pacific Tectonic Plate. Using what is written on the ocean floor we will establish that the Pacific Plate proves the true formation of our Planet Earth was caused completely from internal Expansion. From this vague start of ocean creation and Tectonic Plate creation to the end of ocean formation is why the Hawaiian Islands are located in the center of the Pacific Tectonic Plate.
Sea Mounds

The first thing that we want to bring into focus is what is known as the chain of Imperial Sea Mounds. These sea mounds have baffled the Scientific Community   since they were first discovered. Starting at the Hawaiian Islands and extending in a north west direction the mound's weakened the crust that covered our world during the early period when no Pacific Ocean was present.  When the Asian and N. American were still joined. Opening the outer crust one mount at a time is where the separation first occurred.  At the same time the south separation was occurring as it skirted the Hawaiian Islands and joined the Tonga Trench.  This intersection was the essence and key to the Pacific Tectonic Plates Birth Place. This is where the waters began their journey from the Seas to the waiting Future Oceans. From this moment forward the waters would follow the growth of the Pacific Tectonic Plate; under and between the Continents with the  simultaneous  Creation of the Aleutian and Mariana Trenches. The Continents also were directed and positioned by the pressures exerted from above and below following Plate Creation and water pressure. The same process was occurring in all the World Oceans in a timely manner.

The other significant part of this enigma was our world was spinning perpendicular to the equator just north of the Hawaiian Islands. This was our "Original North Pole". The Tilt in our world would be incorporated in conjunction with ocean creation. Each degree of Tilt would cause our world to rotate one degree off 90 degrees in direct relationship to earth growth and Ocean Tectonic Plate Creation.  By the time the 23.5 degree's were in-stilled in our planet it had grown from 50% to 100% the size of todays world. To this very day the Tilt and weather are governed in this same manner.

The Continents have always remained in a locked position, in essence as if tethered to the center of our earth throughout ocean formation.  This was a specific requirement of physics that would necessitate locked landmasses to work using basic laws of matter, force, motion and time.  The only way the Continents were able to rotate was caused completely by the natural growth of the Ocean Tectonic Plates and water. What will become very significant to our future is that all these rotations have reached or are very near to 97% to 99% of the doubling the size of our world. This should concern a large number of people regarding our future now that our world is at zero growth according to our present Scientific studies. No growth equals a boiler with-out a sufficient  relief valve syndrome.

The land masses always have and always will remain subordinated to the pressures of the Ocean Tectonic Plates. This is as true today as it has been in past history. The Earth Science and Educational Community has mostly locked its belief system into the Pangeia Theory and floating Continents. Now when the chips are down they might have to reconsider and realize this matter should be open to debate, and change is acceptable as we enter weather change and earth tilt fluctuations.  
Physics was always the natural consequence and corollary factor from the flowing of the Seas to the Oceans till the end of ocean building and remains in force up-to this very day. During the total period of Ocean Creation and Earth expansion the force of gravity on one side is what held everything together and correlated natural earth expansion, ocean development and the natural growth of our world.   The ever changing environment governed the other side of this equation.                                               

Physics was the natural provider of an illusion of the false idea of Continental drift that has prevailed to this day. The ambiguous result of this situation has been furthered by the misleading capacity of the mind to be deceived and led by appearances. This has caused the Earth Sciences to remain quiet and at the same time feel comfortable and in a state adverse to change. In view of the fact that everything was giving the opposite and wrong sense of moving land masses and not expanding oceans our Earth Science decided to go into a latent state and accept mythology for guidance and education not worthy of the Technology available today. Without investigating and analyzing scientific principal to explain a phenomena that they must know would not work, they have chosen remained silent. The mechanism or strategy of expansion and growth under the oceans forming between the Continents was never compared on the Pacific side or Indian Ocean side but accepted on the Atlantic side: thus floating continents were accepted to accommodate this discrepancy. To obscure the truth a villain was created and named the mythical Gondwanaland Laurasia supper continent of Pangeia. This unsubstantial and rarely questioned beginning made it easy to follow the theory of floating continents without being bothered with the logic of physics. This made it  easy to sustain the status quo and avoid the work required to follow evidence in a logical manner.


The inhabitants of our world deserve the truth in view of the fact our world is changing in front of our eyes because of Global Warming.  Now would be a good time for 'Earth Science's to stand up and be counted, and stop embracing the Pangaea Theory, start asking obvious questions. Did our world really break up into large land masses that covered one third of earth and rejoined three times and after a final break up, place our Continents as they are located today.  This lack of not standing up for the truth in the past has left our Scientific and Educational Communities in a uncomfortable situation where they don't  want to question a theory that has no proof and is without a foundation.    Earth Science should admit their past mistakes and move on and stop using the ploy to explain Continental drift and floating Continents and not remain in a state of denial to protect the tradition of keeping alive "Our world is doomed by Mythology"!!   To understand why the geology world never tried to substantiate the powers of physics that are so obviously missing in the Pangaea Theory; and then validate the hypothetical Pangaea Theory has brought us face to face today with Global Warming and climate change.  

To this very day the educational system also shares the culpability of teaching the Theory of floating continents to describe the moving of large land masses with-out question.  A high percentage teachers don't believe what they teach, but with a nod and blink they continue this deception. A suggestion might be to have the earth Science and Education system converted from "Mythology to the Truth of Physics".  This way they can plan and maintain a leadership ability regarding our worlds future.    

In comparison the Cox Theory , brings the Beginning of Ocean building Thu and continuing to our present  World the belief that our Planet has never stopped expanding and growing. Each Continent being placed in a methodical manner and held in place by the Ocean Tectonic plates growing between the individual land masses.

After 300 million years of Ocean Creation our Earth Sciences say we are at a state of no growth, this indicating our world has doubled in size. The options, If this is true our world will go into decline. If we are still developing and increasing in size we are building a prolonged future.

Only time will tell.

We are at a crossroad in the history of our world as we are entering a juncture of change that will include a transition of water ice and temperature. The tilt of our World will occur as we have continued growth and change in the waters, and melting ice. Our world is moving toward the inside of a conversion period that will bring the creation of our Planet to the fore front or the 100% mark. Many changes will become obvious.

          The window to life for the dinosaurs started to open 225 million before the present. We fast forward 75 million years from where the oceans began 300 million years ago to reach  the point of the dinosaurs beginning.  

The world had increased from 54% the oceans starting point and add 11.5% to equal the 75 million year starting point of the dinosaurs.  These totals bringing our world to a 16,374.75 mile circumference near the end of the Paleozoic era, leading into the Mesozoic era. The three major oceans mostly dominating the northern hemisphere would have spread to 1000 miles in width on average. This is when the window of life opened for the dinosaurs.  The oceans stretched from the Artic Ocean on the Atlantic side to the Indian Ocean and around Antarctica joining the Pacific Ocean; after proceeding past Australia it joined the Mariana Trench. The combined length of these oceans were more than 15,000 miles but did not connect because of the land bridge connecting Asia and North America which has never been breeched to this very day.

Circumstances such as gravity, climate and atmospheric conditions were very favorable to these great reptiles. The starting point 75 million years after the oceans began to form until 60 million years before the present the Dinosaur's prospered and ruled the world. At the beginning of the Dinosaurs age the earths circumference was 16,250 miles.   From the start of the age of the Dinosaurs to the end of the Dinosaurs, our world increased to 90% the size of todays world, 22,500 miles in circumference. In the beginning  Dinosaurs size and growth rate were small but factors show how the Dinosaurs, ocean creation gravity all worked in agreement with the surrounding conditions. As one expanded and had tremendous growth; so did the other proving everything was working in direct proportion to how far and fast each grew  a away from the center of their beginning; the core of our Earth. This natural growth rate  of the oceans and Dinosaurs was strictly governed by physics. It took our world 4.2 billion years to grow 55% the size of today's world, but only 300 million years to double in size with the addition of the oceans, We now bring into focus how using the laws of gravity that states the further away from the center of gravity the lighter and object becomes fits the scenario of natural forces, such as gravity, mass and distance were all an intricate part of the forming of the oceans and how the life of the dinosaurs were entwined. Everything was in the dinosaurs favor for 165 million years, but at the end of this period is where the oceans growth and the dinosaurs parted company.  The ocean formation continued its growth as the waters lowered faster and flowed from the margins of the land masses to complete and fill the remaining % of the oceans. These Hugh Reptiles would remain on the higher plateaus and were doing well, but over a period of time as the waters continued to lower, finally creating a situation of lost food supply.   These giant reptiles tried to follow the food supply but were too big to survive nearer to the core of gravity.

The forcer of gravity and natural world expansion had been allied with the dinosaurs for 225 million years, in the end they were forced to slowly walk into history because of gravity! It was as if the dinosaurs were set-up for failure. They had ruled the world for 225 million   years and the world's mass had finally expanded to far and to fast for them to survive.

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